Respect for Nature

Environmental Policy During Production

Teknoryum has targeted its clean production policy. In this context, it adopts environmental policies at many points from raw material supply to recycling and greenhouse gas emissions, and these policies are important.

Greenhouse gas refers to gas compounds that are in the atmosphere and have heat retention properties. Greenhouse gases are mainly generated by the use of fossil fuels. As Teknoryum, electrical energy and natural gas are used in the production stages of our facilities.

Wastes in the production phase are collected from their source and recycled. Our staff is constantly trained on environmental awareness, and our sensitivity potential is carried forward. It is aimed to organize environmental awareness trainings periodically and to increase the permanence of the training by implementing on-site practices. There have been no environmental accidents at Teknoryum Kayseri facilities with the trainings given so far.

Environmental Approach for Designed Products

It is aimed to achieve a “sustainable balance” with the efficient use of natural resources and the use of technologies that enable cleaner and longer-lasting production activities at Teknoryum production facilities. In the light of this goal, our first goal is to design products beneficial to climate change crises, nature and economy. It aims to lead the industry in energy efficiency and eco mode in electrical products.

For Quality and Fast Production